Building on Local Expertise


The Cooperative

Green Earth Agro believes in the traditional knowledge of the local population – since oil palms originated in Western Africa. Most of the farmers own a couple of trees, which they maintain. In selling the fruits to Green Earth Agro the farmers can ensure the costs of their living. They have jobs and are proudly earning money. Similarly, Green Earth Agro supports them to build more infrastructure, including a medical center and a school.
Some Facts and Figures about the Team
Of the working force are women
Growth in production within the last 3 years
Different Partners forming
a solid network
Green Earth Agro has an incredibly diverse team of local farmers, factory workers, and scientists. All of them work very hard to foster palm oil production in a sustainable way. The team agreed on building a circular economy, which means that no waste is produced. Also the partner network comprising soap makers, amongst others are chosen carefully in order to work towards a balanced trade relationship.
Team work makes the dream work.
Our strong ladies on duty
Backyard of one of the suppliers
Collecting from our partners
Founder Story
Rushank Bardolia is a Social Entrepreneur from Luxembourg. He has established a palm oil processing factory in Ghana that is built on sustainable practices. Driven by his belief to make a positive impact Rushank Bardiola has one clear goal: redefining palm oil production sustainably, namely in coherence with ecological and social development. With a background in trading and finance, he has held multiple jobs as a banker in Luxembourg. But after eight years in the financial sector, he felt the need to leave the corporate world behind. While traveling and exploring the world his passion for investing in sustainability and protecting the environment grew. Combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to move to Africa, where he founded in his first company Green Earth Agro.